Monday, October 17, 2011

His parents must be very proud

A twenty-one year old junior from Illinois State University (quick google check says he's an 'environmental health' major), Sean Richards, has decided to quit school and join the Occupy Chicago protest full-time.

 But riddle me this...  in the article linked above, the Occupy Chicago people have both a 'police liaison' and a 'safety and security team'.  Since it's pretty clear that there is funding and impetus coming from Adbusters and Working Families,  maybe they are also helping to create liaisons and teams.

It's interesting too that Mr. Richards quit school WAY after the time he could get any refund on his tuition/fees/room and board so probably either student loan money or grants are going to waste also unless he and his folks are paying full freight, in which case he's just sent a bunch of money down the tubes.

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Old NFO said...

Rampant stupidity... sigh...