Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Found! The true 1% (but growing)... and it's in DC (I know--you're SHOCKED)

In a study out on October 18, it seems that the Washington DC area is now the wealthiest metropolitan area in the United States.  Someone should tell the Useful Idiots a.k.a. the Occupy people that wealth is not concentrated on Wall Street--the average federal employee makes $126,000 a year.  They have now out-earned Silicon Valley--using our money.

This is at the same time that Harry Reid says that the public sector/government jobs MUST take precedence over private sector employment.  But Mr. Reid lumps teachers in with true public employees like firemen and police officers. 

The unholy union of education and public sector unions with government has led to the destruction of our K-12 system and is culminating the destruction of our country with illiterate college graduates who have been sold a bill of goods and who have totally unrealistic expectations coming out of school as to their job prospects.

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John B said...

you mean unrealistic expectations that aside from Soylent Green, that they HAVE job prospects?