Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well this could be fun to watch--CEO of Gibson Guitars to attend Obama's Job Speech

Via Breitbart's Big Hollywood, Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz will be attending Obama's speech before the joint session of Congress tomorrow night as the guest of Rep. Marsha Blackburn (it might be that he will actually sit in the Speaker's Box).  As you probably know, Gibson Guitars was raided recently and he estimates that this probably illegal action by the DoJ will cost the company over $10,000,000.  Oddly enough, no charges have been actually filed yet (Gibson has not been informed as to why they've been raided and cannot get an answer), despite the raid and impounding of over a million dollar's worth of materials.  A rival guitar manufacturer who is using the same imported wood as Gibson, but gives to the Dems, was, oddly enough, not raided.

This could be better than Joe Wilson's 'You lie.' comment (which turns out that Wilson was right and Obama was lying, BTW).

Bets on the cameras doing loop-de-loops to avoid putting Mr. Juszkiewicz on the screen?? 


Old NFO said...

LOL- You can bet they are re-figuring angles... and pushes, and how NOT to have him ID'ed :-)

Midwest Chick said...

I didn't watch the speech so I'll have to catch the recaps to find out how it was handled.