Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unions looking like idiots by jumping the gun...

So a bunch of ne'er do wells aka union members, along with the Rev. Jesse Jackson held a rally/protest in Chicago today calling on Congress to pass Obama's job plan.  The only problem is there is no plan, there is no bill (I'm really getting tired of him calling things an Act, before they actually are voted upon--maybe he needs to revisit SchoolHouse Rock and how a bill becomes a law).   So really, these morons want a re-run of Obamacare where you have to vote on it to find out what's in it??  Because that worked so well.  And because there is no plan to pay for it and because the rest of us are getting tired of class warfare and this whole non-quantitative 'fair share' idiocy, why should we take them seriously?  And they obviously don't understand the whole legislative process either.  So here's a remedial video for all of them.

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