Monday, September 26, 2011

So maybe money talks...

There is a group in Canada who has been advocating for the use of oil from Canadian oil sands rather than Saudi oil on the grounds of human rights.  Much like the campaign against blood diamonds a few years ago, points out that the governments of the oil-producing nations who operate under shariah law don't quite make the grade as far as human right go and specifically points out that the rights of women are severely curtailed in those countries (woman cannot vote, drive, or even go out without a male relative).  This has led to a push-back from the Saudi government which is putting the screws to Canadian television to try to get them to stop airing the commercials from EthicalOil.

But here's an interesting thing that came through the wire this morning--King Abdullah has granted women the right to vote and to run in municipal elections.  The article tries to link this move to the Arab Spring, but I'm thinking that money is talking more than a political movement and that Abdullah is trying a different tact to counter EthicalOil's advertisements.

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