Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Truth at the Base of it All

When I was talking with my co-worker this morning, one thing that came out it as we were discussing 'entitlements' is that "Government does not pay for anything."  Government takes our money and puts it in other places but every rule, every regulation, every law is paid for by the taxpaying American public.  Sometimes these payments are overt (property and income taxes or fines for breaking those rules, regulations, or laws).  Sometimes the payments are covert (increase regulation raising the price of diesel/transportation causing goods to be higher in price). 

But every bit is paid for by the people and by businesses, not by the government.  The government is not a revenue generating body; it is a revenue spending body.  Even income tax taken from government workers' paychecks is actually money taken from a private citizen since the government worker's salary is paid for by non-government entities.

It is a simple truth that is lost on many.


DirtCrashr said...

As far as I can tell what's happening now with the riots in England is a breakdown of the "supply-side" for Freebies. The Parasite-class effectively works for the Gubb’mint as Tax-enforcers, and this is a demonstration of their power in the New Socialist Order.
The only ones who CAN do anything about it – the Cops – are told NOT-to. And so the Productive class that pays all the TAX that the Gubbmint collects and gives to the Parasites, gets bullied about again.

Midwest Chick said...

DC--I just saw where they MIGHT let the cops have plastic bullets and water cannons. But they are essentially hamstrung.