Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stand by Me

A movie that has one of the best interaction ever...  "you gonna shoot us all?"  "No Ace, just you."

Because I totally concur with the comments from Uncle Jay...

ETA: Geez, that Garth is like a fungus, oozing from one blog post to another but he should be gone now. The Fifth Element scene should be there.


The Big Guy said...

Actually I was reflecting on this scene while contemplating the Twitter/SMS riots in (pick your favorite city) and how to quell mob violence, especially against individuals.
The key, I think, is the Corbin Dallas School of Negotiation- take out a leader quickly.
Show absolutely no hesitation.

Wil Wheaton had it right- just the leader- because followers TEND not to be independently motivated- and the threat of being the next ventilated cheap dime-store hood can (in some, if not most cases) cause the mob to look elsewhere for gratification.

Just 2 cents from Uncle Jay-

Mr.B said...

been there, done that. Scary on both sides...But the guy with the firearm has all the cards.