Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perpetuating victimhood

From the NWI Times today.  Police have caught three kids who were breaking into cars in a pretty tony subdivision in Porter County, Indiana.  The thing that got me though is this part of the article: 
LaFlower said residents need to get in the habit of always locking their cars and keeping things like MP3 players, purses and GPS units out of sight.

"We'd like them to not keep those in the vehicle at all," LaFlower said. "They said they always checked the center console in the cars."

LaFlower said residents also may want to get in the habit of leaving their porch lights on at night to avoid becoming a victim.
Okay, so you're not supposed to keep your property where it is convenient to you because some low-life might steal it.  It's almost the same as blaming a woman for being raped--well dearie, you put it out there and just tempted someone.  Of course it's easier for the police if they don't have to work or anything.  But where does the line stop??  First you can't keep anything in your car.  So you put it in the house.  Then some low-life starts breaking in and taking stuff from the first floor of the house.  So you put everything on the second floor, if you have one.  etc. etc.   
I'm noticing that nothing was said about creating a neighborhood watch or citizen patrols or anything that might be deemed to be proactive--can't have the citizenry taking care of themselves or maybe becoming a deterrent to low-lifes coming into the neighborhood.  Hide and let the police who are minutes or tens of minutes away take care of it when seconds count....


North said...

Here I was letting my iPod wear hot pants and tight sweaters.

I wonder, if you are forced to defend yourself with your concealed weapon, can you point to the hooded sweatshirt and dark glasses thug you just ventilated and say "He was asking for it. Look how he dressed!"

Midwest Chick said...

Sounds fair to me.

Still trying to get the mental picture of an iPod with little Spongebob hot pants out of my head though.....