Monday, August 29, 2011

Lessons learned at the Blogmeet....

 I learned:

That of course the Mighty Og and Himself/Mr. B both speak Taze (of which there are 147 dialects, including Dog/Electric Fence Collar). And I now know that shock collars will leave burn marks on human skin and that it takes two weeks for a sphincter to completely unclench after being tazed (please don't ask for more detail since my stomach and lungs are still recovering from laughing so hard). Also, !!POIJGBOIJhbuoGIHyGpGViug!! can translate to "Don't tase me bro." or to “Golly, this hurts!”, if you add another !!NNggg!!.

That the Snark Is Strong in Partner, especially when he should just be looking out the window instead of noticing what other vehicles are doing.

That when the term "Tactical Slumber Party" is mentioned, then the parties in question start wondering where their camo jammies are.

That it takes 24 feet of paracord to make a parcord bracelet so the one that Brigid made for me can also serve as an escape rope if I unravel it.

That I love my range-flower bracelet that Himself bought for me.  In .380, no less since, as he said, that's what I shoot the most.

That Tactical Purses can also be fashionable, thanks to the folks at Stoner Holsters.

That Tam and Roberta put on one heck of a blogmeet (congrats to Tam on her 6th Blogoversary) and I'm glad this time I got to sit close enough to them to chat this time.

That Rich truly didn't realize how many people read his blog and the smile on his face when he introduced himself and everyone went 'Ooooooooo!' lit up the room.

That Longhorn Jeff is not from Texas and that those wheelbarrows full of money are very cool.

I confirmed that Old NFO is as wickedly interesting in person as he is on his blog.

The biggest lesson I learned is that there is never enough time to sit and talk to everyone.  I totally didn't have enough time to say more than 'hi' to Old Grouch; Cancer Ward; Shermlock and the lovely Mrs. Shomes; Peter the Bayou Renaissance Man and the livin' life to the fullest Miss D (well, we were going to be here, so we might as well go there and then since it was only a few hours, we figured we should go someplace else); Don at Push the Pull Door; Jack; and The Mad Saint Jack and last, but not least Kerry-the-Non-Blogger.

Hopefully that got everyone, if not, pop me an email because I have to do some blog updates soon!


Old NFO said...

Yep, that truly was fun, and thanks for taking the time to chat with me! Sorry I had to bolt early! :-(

Midwest Chick said...

My pleasure certainly! Hated that you had to leave early, but it was great that you were there!

Scott McCray said...

Man - color me jealous - I've only met one on this list. is Old NFO, so I'm good with that for now! (He is pretty dang awesome, isn't he?)

Midwest Chick said...

He is! And I'm still sure that any question anyone would have about anything could be answered either by someone who was in that room directly or they would know where to find the answer. A remarkable bunch.

Tam said...

It was a pretty epic blogmeet, weren't it? :)

(WV: "miatish". I bought the 6-cyl Z3 because the 4-cyl one was too miatish.)

Midwest Chick said...

It was amazing! Glad we actually had a chance to chat. I wonder if 'miatish' will make it to the dictionary? We could start a meme.... :-)