Friday, August 12, 2011

I don't want my candidates chosen for me....

So they have a pretty wide field for the possible Republican presidential candidate next year.  Right now, according to polls, ANY Republican has a chance to beat Obama.  However, I don't want to settle this time or choose the lesser of two evils.  I want someone who will genuinely do their best to cut spending, rein in the EPA and other executive branch agencies, and will listen to the will of the people, not follow their own ideologies to the ruin of this country.

But then I hear that a couple of folks who have declared themselves to be candidates were excluded from the Republican debate last night.  I don't know much about either of them, for obvious reasons--they are being marginalized too by the Republicans and by the press.  I don't know about you, but I don't want the MSM setting the tone of the Republican field or telling me which Republican is the best one (the MSM really likes Romney, the Grandfather of Obamacare--hell no; or Huntsman--fuck a bunch of that).

I want to hear from Gary Johnson.  I want to hear from Rick Perry.  I even want to hear more from Pawlenty, just because he was willing to take on the sacred cow of ethanol subsidies.  I want to hear from anyone who is not being put forth as a 'frontrunner' by the MSM since it is in the best interest of the MSM to pick the weakest candidate.  Bachman and Santorum both lost me when they signed that Pledge thing.  Gingrich (time is past) and Romney (Romneycare) and Huntsman (got Harry Reid's approval--do I need to say more on that?) have all either lost me or never had me look at them a second time.  To my thought if someone is presently being marginalized, that's a signal to me to look at them closer.  Maybe I'll like them, maybe I won't, but I'm tired of having candidates shoved down my throat.  I want a true choice.


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