Monday, August 1, 2011

Deadlines and crises

So, in the intersection of Suck and Ass, which is where academia meets the federal government, deadlines/crisis/panic/shady deals all crash together in the most epic of ways.  Having been caught in the microcosm of this chain of non-thought in the past two weeks, hence the uber-light blogging, I have come through it with a much better understanding of the mindset of Congress.  Unless you're right up on the deadline, you're free to go to movies, take a week off, claim internet troubles and in general just wander around in circles.  Then, four days before the big report or the big legislation is due, then you go into overtime mode and run in circles rather than wander.  And it's not just you who have to run in circles, it's staff (like me) or the American people who are having to deal with the fallout of the self-created and totally avoidable problem.

The problem with this fucking-off-until-the-last-minute (as the rest of us learned in college) is that, due to the urgency, there is a higher likelihood that mistakes will get made (in a report) and that legislation will have surprises that will be hidden from the American public until after the bill is passed because, again, no one will have time to do a thorough going-over (Obamacare, anyone).   Seriously, the federal legislature might have well have grabbed a six-pack of beer and a box of caffeine pills and tried to write a paper that is doomed for Fail but seemed brilliant at the time.

And $1.00 to $.40 (borrowing, you know), the Reid bill is going to screw the American people without the less than 50% of us who are paying for it, even getting dinner first.   I can only hope that it leads to Tea Party wins across the board in 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Cynicism? or worn out, tired experience?

The majority of incumbents running will be re-elected. As will King Barry O.