Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Classic Executive Blunders on the Vineyard and in the Heartland

So I'm listening to Don and Roma this morning and they are discussing the fact that Obama has 'reached out' to Warren Buffet and to the head of Ford Motor Company to glean ideas for his economic and jobs framework.  Which is going to be useless and garner him exactly ZERO new ideas.  Why?  Because they are all already on the same page, ideologically speaking.  Buffet, the man who socked away most of his funds into foundations and other dodges in order to not pay taxes, has been trumpeting at the world that they need to pay more taxes and that he would be willing to pay more taxes (oddly enough we haven't seen any canceled checks that he's written to the federal government though).  And, per this article, Obama only asked the Ford guy about supply chain issues and how to extend exports.  Guessing he didn't ask how to keep manufacturing in this country because he wouldn't want THAT answer.

Obama is making a couple of classic blunders:  1.) He doesn't know what questions to ask (and doesn't know that he doesn't know what questions to ask).  This is part of his narcissism, which won't let him admit that he doesn't know something; 2.) He's asking yes men, not someone who is on a different ideological page; 3.)  he's clearly stuck on a particular ideology and won't budge from that, which most likely means that he's going to want to do more 'stimulus' which has been proven in the past two years to not work. It's the same as him refusing to budge from tax increases as part of the debt ceiling talks--flexibility of thought is necessary in an executive and he doesn't show that requisite skill.  This means that anything he comes up with is doomed to fail.

Obama showed his lack of executive skills and knowledge last week in Illinois as well.  In that well-publicized interaction with a farmer (well-publicized on the blogosphere but not in the MSM) who asked that he cut back the rules and regulations that are preventing farmers from doing their jobs, Obama's answer was 'Call the USDA.'.  This showed clear failure on several fronts.

Firstly, the rules and regs that the man mentioned were EPA rules:  "dust pollution, noise pollution, water run off."  But Obama did not know that and did not seek clarification.

Secondly, he also made the assumption that anything having to do with farming must come under the aegis of the USDA showing that he does not understand the web of interactive regulations that strangle businesses, including farming, from several different fronts.  As an aside, MJ Lee, a reporter for Politico, tried to follow the 'advice' given by Obama and got absolutely nowhere (read his odyssey).  Talk about an exercise in futility....

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, he couldn't just admit he didn't know the answer.  An effective executive, one who is really wanting to help, would have said something along the lines of "I don't know about those things specifically.  Talk to that guy over there and give him some details and your phone number and I'll check it out and will call you back personally in a couple of days."  Instead, he just blew the guy off, figuratively speaking.

Obama is a clear example of why someone with no executive experience should NOT be in the Oval Office.  While executive experience does not necessarily give one all of the experience needed, it provides a framework for success, if one was a successful executive.


North said...

He won't budge from his myopic ideology and listening to yes men because he was trained that way.

His ideas are borne of his radical indoctrination. He chooses to place a square peg into a round hole as his controllers require of him. That the suggestion for using a round peg for the round hole comes from outside his intellectual cabal is immediately suspect.

Right answers are wrong answers to him if you consider the source. His course of action cannot include any that come from the camp that he has wasted his youth fighting. If everything is the fault of big business and conservative thought, he cannot possibly conceive of the use any of those tools his 'enemies' would use.

He is so narrow-minded as to be completely one dimensional.

North said...

That the suggestion for using a round peg for the round hole comes from outside his intellectual cabal makes the suggestion immediately suspect.

Midwest Chick said...

Exactly. From what I've been reading, the Ivy League actually causes more indoctrination than open thought and he's definitely a product of that world.

North said...

Obama is the King of Poseurs.

He surged ahead before the election when the economy took a dive (deliberately done) because he was the candidate that "knew about economy" compared to McCain.

He is little but a puppet stuffed into a suit.

Midwest Chick said...


kx59 said...

It's not so much that Obama has no executive experience, he has no experience period. At anything. ok, well he can read two teleprompters pretty good.

Midwest Chick said...

Actually I think he's gotten a bit stale on the teleprompter reading also (when I can do a pretty decent imitation, you know it has to be bad). But you're right, he has no experience at all that can be put to use in the Oval Office.