Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because I'm tired of waiting for others to tell me what I need to know

I decided to do a little digging on Thaddeus McCotter and Gary Johnson, two of the Republicans who have stated they are running for President but haven't been included in any of the reindeer games and debates and straw polls yet.

One interesting tidbit I found is that debates are by invitation only (okay, I kind of knew this but it didn't register on my radar).  For example, CNN did not invite Johnson to the debate in New Hampshire, so he wasn't included.  The Washington Examiner and Fox News were the sponsors of the Iowa debates.   So the MSM is controlling the message again by controlling the candidates that we're seeing.  Interesting, yes?

In any case, here's my rundown on McCotter and Johnson:

Thad McCotter (based on voting record here): 
I'm frankly 'meh' after looking over his record.  IMO, it looks like he's good on 2nd Amendment and Immigration (meaning, pro-2nd and anti Illegal) but is pretty much a RINO on everything else. YMMV.  I'm thinking not-so-much.

Gary Johnson (based on information here and here):  Not so much on his immigration stance (open borders).  Has a weird 'zero tolerance' thing about violence towards government employees (I'm not zero-tolerance anything because that takes situational issues out of the equation.)  Other than that, he's pretty much a small government/states' rights/fiscally conservative/libertarian guy.  Worth watching and trying to lobby to get him on the stage with everyone else to truly get an idea about how he stacks up.


Chas S. Clifton said...

I hate that term RINO. It makes the Republican Party seem so cultish.

No doubt all the famous Republicans of my childhood would be called RINOs now. Did Dwight Eisenhower ever rage against same-sex marriage? Nelson Rockefeller--all that "brotherhood of man" probably disqualifed him. Richard Nixon signed (good) environmental legislation and probably would have paid for an (illegal) abortion for his daughter.

Even Barry Goldwater, presidential candidate in 1964, would not have been happy with the Religious Right, good Episcopalian that he was.

How do you become the majority by telling people that they are not good enough to be in your club?

Midwest Chick said...

I use the term to put them in the same big government/big taxes bracket as the Dems. Back in the day it used to be that Republicans were small government, low taxes, great on foreign policy and the Dems were big government, higher taxes, social programs and sucked on foreign policy.

A person who advocates big government and social programs to me is not old School Republican and the Tea Party more fully embodies those qualities than folks like John Huntsman, Rick Santorum, or McCotter.

Additionally, the Tea Party Republicans (more old School actually), Michelle Bachmann notwithstanding, really doesn't like the Religious Right either because they just advocate for more government interference in personal lives.