Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An academic's way of dealing with their mess-ups

Well, since Obama is an academic, I can see where he gets his penchant for blaming everyone but himself for problems.  I was sent a file a couple of months ago and used it in a pretty important report.  Turns out that the file wasn't actually the right one although it went out to quite a few people other than myself.  So the email I get with the correct file attached says "Somehow our files got crossed, here's the correct one."  *chirp chirp smile*

To which I replied (cc'ing the boss) "Here is the file that you sent to me and the rest of the world on XX date stating that it was the final version.  I'm also attaching your newest version since the one that you sent on XX date and was used in REALLY BIG REPORT was not the correct version." (This person had not cc'd the boss on the corrected version). 

Now this was not my mistake and the implication of 'files crossing' chapped my ass.  Hopefully I was clear enough in my response that the boss (who is a dim bulb on stuff like this) will even understand.

I gotta find a new job.


North said...

I hate coworkers like that. I hope you find a better job.

strandediniowa said...

Bad part of this is that you might get labeled as the troublemaker. At least that's how it goes in my world.

I've got more than one that cc's the boss for requests or for "fix" tickets that usually end up their fault. They never seem to let him know when things are back up and running.

I hope you find a better job, too.

Midwest Chick said...

Stranded--Most I can do is cover my ass and have an email trail while I'm stuck here. And I'm working to get unstuck.

Thanks to you both for your good thoughts and commiserations!

North said...

Oh, I can commiserate! I was suffering at a job for about a decade when my mom bought the first Scott Adams / Dilbert book that just came out. I started reading it. It was my life. Everything in it was painfully real.

I finished that job before I finished the book.