Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wynn for the Win--Not for The One!

Steve Wynn, the uber-guru of Las Vegas, pretty much is saying what the rest of the business owners, both large and small have been saying--that the reason(s) that businesses are not expanding, are not hiring, and are holding to their war chests is because they are afraid of increasing government regulation and constant game changing.  With Obamacare raising personnel costs by at least 4%, with barely veiled threats of government coming to take money from businesses that government feels is holding on to 'too much', as Wynn puts it businesses are going to sit on their thumbs until Obama is gone.

Listen to his rant, caught during a quarterly conference call (via The Gateway Pundit):

In a previous rant in April, Wynn also called out the media for its constant protection of Obama (Via Big Journalism):

As Wynn says:   “We’re seeing in the public forum, especially when the President speaks, more baloney being slung at the American people than I can remember in my 69 years of living,”.

When American citizens like Wynn, like John Dollarhite (who is faced with a $4 million fine for selling too many rabbits), and really, like the rest of us who worry about when government regulations are going to affect us or whether we're going to get groped at the airport or whether we're going to be subjected to a SWAT raid (either from the Department of Education or because they got the wrong house), then government is the problem.  We are citizens and we should not be in fear of our government, our elected officials, or those who are supposed to be serving and protecting.

The professional politicians who have abrogated their responsibilities to the executive class are the issue.  The promulgation of regulations by that executive class is the issue.  We have to starve them out.  Cut them back like we would poison ivy so that we can breathe the air of freedom as we are supposed to.  For too long, Americans have let things fly because 'it's for the children' or because 'it's for the good' and this creeping incrementalism has overtaken us quicker than a kudzu vine on a hot summer day in the south.

It needs to stop before this country is thrown into ruin.

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