Thursday, July 14, 2011

If you don't know the connotations of a word, it's best not to use it....

It's been bandied about the internet that when Obama stalked out of his meeting on the budget yesterday that he told Eric Cantor to 'not call my bluff'. 

Allow me to explain.  From The Free Dictionary:
bluff 1  (blf)
v. bluffed, bluff·ing, bluffs
1. To mislead or deceive.
2. To impress, deter, or intimidate by a false display of confidence.
3. Games To try to mislead (opponents) in a card game by heavy betting on a poor hand or by little or no betting on a good one.
To engage in a false display of strength or confidence.
1. The act or practice of bluffing.
2. One that bluffs.
Basically, he just said that he has a crap hand and is trying intimidation as a tactic to get his way.
To quote Lauren Holly from that classic movie "Down Periscope":  'Balls to the wall, boys!' and follow Mark Levin's advice (via Og, via Pascal)

Every day you're going in there and you're talking to him. So go in one more time. Go in tomorrow and tell the president this: Mr. President, here's what we're going to do. We're gonna pass a spending bill in the House. We're gonna cover the $29 billion of the interest on the debt. So nothing is going to collapse. Then in that bill we're gonna cover the social security payments, medicare/medicaid payments.

You said on CBS you don't know if those checks will be paid. Now we know they will be. We're gonna take care of the active duty military. We know how much you love them . We're going to take care of veterans affairs programs. We're gonna take care of the border, intelligence, Federal law enforcement, and other areas we consider crucial and legitimate functions of our current government.

We're also going to put into this bill things we think we need to cut. You may not like them, but we don't much care. We have been sitting here with you now for two weeks and you won't budge. So we're going to have our own bill. We're going to pass it in the House. We're going to send it to the Senate. If those checks don't go out to the seniors, if those bills aren't paid for medical care for the seniors and the poor, if you undermine our military, if you undermine those who have already served: All. Fingers. Point. To. You.

Now we're done with our meeting Mr. President. We're going to go outside and talk to the media. We're going to tell them exactly what we're doing. And don't call us until you're ready to sign the bill.

Oh. If that bill doesn't get to your desk? And Harry Reid holds it up? Those social security checks don't go out? Yes -- that's on you and Harry Reid. That's it! Case closed!

And Mr. Obama, if you are clueless about a term, don't use it.  We all now know one of your tells.


DirtCrashr said...

He's a big baby. One of his tells is a hissy-fit.

Midwest Chick said...

Yep. He should have a whole slough of teddy bears to carry around or a fuzzy blanket for the next time he throws a tantrum.