Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bait and switch again, again....

So, the MSM and the Senate Dems are putting out a bunch of stuff about the Reid plan as an alternative to the Boehner plan in the House.  Problem being, as usual, no one has SEEN the frickin' Reid plan.  It's Obamacare all over again--they are working behind the scenes and keeping it secret until Zero Hour and will then try to force a vote on something that no one outside the select few have read.

As a last resort, they've been very carefully setting the scene for Obama to just circumvent the law and raise the debt ceiling without Congress.  If that happens, he needs to be impeached--we're still a nation of laws that should apply to him as well.  He's not the king, he's not Lincoln, and this debt thing never would have come to this pass at this time without seven years of Dem control of the Congress adding $4.5 trillion to the debt.

It's the spending stupid--even Standard and Poor is trying to say it.


Old NFO said...

Agree... this is just beyond the pale!!!

Midwest Chick said...

Fortunately they've played this card too often and people know what to look for. Boehner almost got sucked in but realized the trap at the last minute.

North said...

"Fortunately they've played this card too often and smart people know what to look for."

Fixed that for you.

Too many people are only as smart as NBC tells them they are.

The f-ing idiot can't give a speech without being condescending. You might be surprised, my king, that there are people outside the moat... er beltway that know what a debt ceiling is. And we don't have to be ruining a nation to understand how government works. Yes, us peons have brains, too. You might not think so given that you were elected by those that don't.

Midwest Chick said...

Speak on Mr. North!! :-)