Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My tin foil hat doesn't chafe quite the way it used to...

My tin foil hat seems a bit looser today with the revealing of more and more data on the ATFs Operation Fast and Furious by which gun shop owners were coerced by ATF agents into deliberately letting straw purchases go through obstensively so that firearms going into Mexico could be tracked to the bigwigs of the drug cartels.

As Congressman Darryl Issa said this was a "felony stupid idea".  It is seeming more and more that it was an agenda-driven politically-based felony stupid idea.  The ATF has tried to hide behind sliding definitions of 'walking', the DoJ has closed ranks and is obstructing justice by giving page after page of completely blacked out text to the congressional oversight committee, Napolitano is disavowing all knowledge of the operation, and there seems to be no mention from the State Department regarding any international cooperation efforts since they were deliberately aiding and abetting the flow of illegal firearms into Mexico (which, by the way, has cost the lives of over 150 Mexican police officers and military personnel).  As a matter of fact, the Acting Head of the ATF had signed an agreement with Mexico interdicting the smuggling of guns to the Mexican drug cartels.

It amazing how this 'operation' just happened to fit the gun control meme put out by the White House and others right after Obama got into office and after they failed to re-pass the assault weapons ban of the Clinton era.

Bob Owens over at Pajamas Media is on top of this.  Go and read his article, follow the links.  And then adjust your tin foil hat since it seems that some paranoia, especially when it comes to the present Adminstration, is entirely justified.


Mr.B said...

No tracing once the firearms crossed the border.

'nuff said.

This was not an enforcement thing, not a tracking thing (as part of an investigation). THis was, plain and simple, an attempt top make the numbers of trackable guns, trackable back to the US firearms dealers, grow higher.

Timing is seldom a coinincidence.

ANd this hairbrained scheme has cost the lives of many people.

The men who produced this idea, those who approved it, and those who executed the order are all derelict in their duty, and should, if not prosecuted, be forced to resign. No pension, no benefits, nothing.

They are as complicit in these crimes of gun smuggling and ultimately in the deaths that resulted as those officials and swat team members are in the murder of Jose Gurena in Pima County.

and they all are bad LEOs.

Until there are consequences, serious consequences, for these actions by the management of our government organizations, this will continue.

North said...

The elite face no consequences.

Consequences are for the rabble.

FrankC said...

And none of these gun shop owners said "Put that in writing and I'll comply."?

Midwest Chick said...

North--they might face some consequences on this--the Mexican government is rightly pissed and the Obama administration can't afford to have that part of the population against him.

Frank--Actually the gun shop owners DID say to put it in writing--had to cover their butts since the 'enforcers' of the law were telling them to break it. The complicit folks are the ones that are in charge--the head of the ATF, Holder, Napolitano, etc.