Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm having to do too many of these posts

Too many in such a short time:  RIP James Arness and Joel Rosenberg. 

Arness (the brother of Peter Graves--something I did not know before reading his obituary) died in his sleep at age 88.  He was talked into taking the part of Marshal Matt Dillon by his good friend John Wayne.  From all accounts, a private and very good man. 

Joel Rosenberg--sci/fi-fantasy writer as well as a 2nd Amendment defender, died today also of a heart attack.  According to Ed Morrisey at Hot Air, Rosenberg literally wrote the book on concealed carry, which were part of the cause of his legal issues in Minnesota.  There is a defense fund here since his trial was set for 2 months from now.  Today would have been his 32 wedding anniversary.  I remember him as one of the fantasy writers I read in high school and college.

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