Thursday, June 16, 2011

Double standards

I've got something that's been running around my head for a bit about double standards of behavior.  For example, I know a female who volunteered for a two month deployment.  Folks at her place of business are absolutely livid because she volunteered.  No matter that if, for example, she turned up suddenly pregnant and would take off even MORE time than her Guard duty necessitates (volunteer time and all), to their minds it is just wrong for her to volunteer for service, but it would be okay to take beaucoup time off for 'woman things'.

Then there are the Schwartzenegger and Weiner issues.  They both screwed around, never mind that for Weiner it was only virtual screwing (Arnie got a kid out of the deal, Weiner got his wiener plastered all over the internet--good heaping helpings of Karma, methinks).  But what about the women involved?  As Arnie's mistress said "it wasnt' his fault alone.  It takes two."  And Weiner's sexting partners knew that he is married and yet still carried on with the correspondence.  But they are still being seen as 'the victims' as if they weren't complicit.

I guess I'm getting tired of the idea that sexism is a one-way street, just like racism.  It's overdone, its only raison d'etre now is to perpetuate a culture of victimhood.  Guys making comments about strippers.  The very existence of places like Hooters.  These things do not make women into victims.  Choosing to work as a stripper, in porn, or at Hooters does not make a woman necessarily a victim (maybe except of the economy).

What if guys started complaining about the existence of 'romance novels', the porn of choice for many women (and yes, a lot of it is as graphic as any movie, except it is in print form)  or if they started throwing into jail the 'Twilight Moms' like they do men who lust after nubile teens (both are equally creepy).  Or if women who lie about their 'baby daddy' or being raped actually started being prosecuted or punished.  Or, heaven forbid, they start pulling the David Beckham underwear ads (guess what, those weren't targeted solely at gay men but at the women who buy the underwear for their families)....

My being female, except to these guys and maybe some Dianic Wiccans, does not make me a better person and does not, except through my own actions and choices, make me a victim.  The manifestations of behavior might be a little different, but they are still there, there's just not full accountability on both sides for the same thing.  Will the sexism card ever be fully maxed?  I sure hope so.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Well said!
Of course de-victimizing the real or perceived underclass doesn't meet with the Fabian dystopian standard.

Midwest Chick said...

I was thinking more Sun Tsu--keep your enemy in disarray so they can be more easily controlled.