Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow! They DO listen!

I had the honor of speaking with Indiana State Senator Ed Charbonneu yesterday morning about the Indiana Supreme Court decision that Himself talks about here.  Although I accidentally called him at home (big oops), he assured me that he is a State Senator 24/7 and listened to my concerns which included a problem with a delay in reacting to this decision (lending legitimacy to it), regardless if the legislature is in session or not.  I also said that action needed to be taken instead of letting this case go to the US Supreme Court, especially in light of their 8-1 decision earlier this week.

So I don't know if our conversation was the turning point or if he'd been planning this action before we spoke, but today Himself called and told me to check out the NW Indiana Times article that says:
State Sen. Ed Charbonneau, R-Valparaiso, said he will work with state Sen. Mike Young, R-Indianapolis, to craft legislation in 2012 clarifying Indiana's self-defense law to explicitly permit Hoosiers to resist illegal entry by a police officer.

"While times change, our rights protected in the (U.S.) Constitution do not," Charbonneau said. "Americans must live freely without fear of unwarranted intrusion by an oppressive government."
So I'm feeling pretty good.  There's a rally next Wednesday at 11:00 am Indianapolis time and still Mitch Daniels--former Presidential candidate--has yet to say anything about his handpicked justice coming out with a decision like this.


North said...

Wow! Good job - I'm sure you had a positive influence!

DirtCrashr said...


Midwest Chick said...

Thanks North. I hope that I helped set the ball in motion.

Crashr--You said it. This thing is really getting legs under it here. It's also going to kibosh any presidential aspirations of Mitch Daniels. The justice in question was his pick and he refuses to come out against the decision after a week has gone by.