Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uncle Jay brings the Rant

One of my latest soapbox issues is the prevalent use of the term 'coded racism' in the press.  If someone (oh let's just say it's Obama)  is known for his love of basketball (as well as for getting stitches from a game) and a second person suggests that he gets off the basketball court--it's coded racism.  If Obama advocates for food stamps and is called the 'food stamp President' then it's coded racism.  Scott Brown driving a pickup truck during his campaign was racism.  Hells bells, even calling Obama the first black president (which I'm pretty sure is true if you don't count Clinton) is 'coded racially-tinged language'.  And on and on. 

This issue doesn't even compare to the outright accusations of racism when anyone questions anything done by the present administration.  And that's where Uncle Jay comes in.  You have to read his whole post.  Read it here.


kx59 said...

The positive aspect of all this racial bs is that conservatives are finally getting desensitized to it and beginning to stand their ground. It is losing its effect. And, I think it is a trend that is not going change direction.

Midwest Chick said...

Right. When something is overused, it loses its impact. Guess you can say that the race card is getting maxed out. Also, all this stuff about 'coded racism' is being seen for what it is also.