Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seriously, one of the stupidest things I've heard all year....

So 'Climate Change' is now some semi-self-aware deity force that is specifically targeting urban areas, at least in Al Roker's mind.  If you go with the theory on Egregore, maybe Algore and his followers have actually caused a new deity to be born (they truly have created a new religion, complete with fanatics so who knows).  But that's a whole different blogpost.

What Roker said struck me in a different way that's endemic in the press.  Urban vs Rural.  Himself said a week or so ago--"Why are the possessions of folks in a larger town or city more valuable than the possessions and homes of folks in a more rural setting?"   People who live/work/breathe in urban areas try to extrapolate out agendas that may work in their highly populated hothouse environment, like high speed rail, into a totally different ecosystem.   If something affects an urban area, it is seen as more significant.   I just don't get it.


FrankC said...

Thinking of the Mississippi (sp) floods:-

Farmer: I totally understand that my farmland should be flooded so as to save your city.
City-type: That's so understanding of you.
Farmer: There'll be no food next year.
City-type: $"£$%^ you!

Mr.B said...

And to blame the increase (in either quantity or intelligence) of tornadoes on Global warming/climate change shows that he doesn't understand the mechanism which produces tornado producing storms. It is all about temperature differences, and humidity levels, not about absolute temperature.

Noting like demonstrating your ignorance (and the fact that your career is an example of affirmative action) on live TV.

Midwest Chick said...

Frank--I just wish it would go down that way!! :-)

B--Good point. Hard to believe he still considers himself to be a professional.