Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Racoons and squirrels and rabbits, oh my!

So I've stopped putting food down and the racoon contingent went down by at least two last night.  Also, no opposum so that's a plus.  Minus is that someone knocked down one of the feeders last night but I think we're getting it under control.

That said, control is situational and when the dog rousted the baby bunny from the nest out front, I ended up spending 15 minutes shooing the little rodent back into his nest because it was cold and rainy. 


North said...

Last night in our yard we had a couple of male pheasants pining for the love of a female somewhere nearby. Watched them through the rifle scope.

This morning a skunk made a beeline from over the hill directly to our house. Skittered along right next to the house. Not sure what he was looking for.

A week ago there was a coyote on our back deck. Because of Wiley I'm packing anytime I go outside in the early a.m.

Southern Belle said...

Coyotes are interesting. When we go down to the coast, we can hear them in the distance communicating with one another. You'll hear a call in one direction, then an answer from the opposite, etc. When that's happening, they are likely hunting or have found carrion to have for a late night snack.

It's really creepy to hear them though if you're sitting in the dark on the pier.

Sounds like operation Denny's relocation will work Midwestchick, you'll be glad for it.

DirtCrashr said...

Here in the 'Burbs putting out even bird-food only attracts more rats. Between guava bushes and other fruit trees, the rest of the local environment is a huge salad bowl for critters. We planted basil and they loved it so we never got any. Racoons use the street-drains for safe-passage so they don't get run-over, and hop out wherever free-food is available.

North said...

Coyotes have been nearby for decades. They keep getting closer. And closer.

"On my porch" is between me and my grill. An encounter with me will leave one of us dead or wounded.

Midwest Chick said...

North--you can do what I know has been effective for others. If you, as the apex predator, scent mark your territory, it should help keep Mr. Coyote out. Sometimes it has to be backed up with stronger measures though. And please don't make me explain the method by which you should scent mark.

Belle-I think you're right about the Dennys relocation. As far as coyotes, they won't come in 'our' part of the yard due to my personal apex predator taking action per the above comment.

Crashr--that's one of the problems with the 'Burbs. We're in the country, which lends itself to a whole bunch of different issues. I did have every single bean plant chowed last year by rabbits so I know what you mean about basically just creating a smorgasboard for critters.

North said...

"And please don't make me explain the method by which you should scent mark."

That would be Axe body spray. Keeps everything away.

Southern Belle said...

To anyone who lives in the country with a garden, or in the 'burbs with a garden. Spray coyote urine (available in your local feed store, or online) around and will keep most critters away from your garden.

It works great for deer.