Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feminine rituals

Apparently female bonding rituals include being exfoliated and moisturized at the ubiquitous spa.  My sister is going to be out of the country for a while and came down to drop off her dog, who will be staying with us, and to do some sisterly-bonding time by treating me to a massage and wrap at a local spa. Despite some straight-line winds or mini-tornado that tried to blow my car off the road on the way, we arrived on time.   My sister commented that it's better to be in such a situation with a friend, rather than a significant other or sibling since a friend would immediately agree with you that it was indeed a tornado instead of saying "Nah, it was just a lot of wind."  We were kind of relieved to see that the spa itself was in the basement of a well-built home set into a hill though.

Once we arrived in the reception area, somewhat frazzled, there was the obligatory questionaire which I found to be funny.  It had place on it that asked "Have you ever been to a spa before?  If not, why?"  My answer, as truthfully as I could make it, was "No, because I'm poor, but my sister isn't."  An even more truthful answer would have been "No, because I don't understand how paying someone to scrub my feet and wrap them up in hot towels is a good use of money."  But that was before I'd had my feet scrubbed and wrapped in hot towels.  We both had a hot stone massage followed by hand and feet massages, after which our hands and feet were scrubbed, moisturized, and wrapped in hot towels and then put into plastic bags which were firmly tied around each extremity.  As my sister commented "Glad we weren't getting facials..."  We finished up with a wrap which consists of being scrubbed down, oiled up, and wrapped up like a burrito with the heater on high.

I can definitely see some good points to this bonding ritual--the massage was lovely and just spending some time with my sister was great. 

One of the best parts of the day though was the lovely dinner that followed the spa time, created by Himself.  A chipotle cream sauce with cedar plank grilled salmon and asparagus with butter and parm.  It was the perfect end to a fantastic day!

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