Sunday, April 24, 2011

Capes for the jobless

Well, it could be a good PR campaign (if you're sitting in a dark room with a bong in your hand)....  In central Florida, they are putting into place a $73,000 campaign that includes passing out 6,000 Superman-type capes to the jobless as part of their "fight Dr. Evil Unemployment".  Truly I can think of some folks on the Workforce Central Florida who should be handed their cape on the way out the door to the unemployment line. 

Of course these are our tax dollars at work (to the tune of $24 million) since Workforce Central Florida is a federally funded "labor development agency".  Of course they claim to have placed 58,500 people in jobs during the last fiscal year (2009-2010) so that Obama could artificially inflate his figures.  And, by the by, they have not-for-profit status too so they don't pay any taxes.

This is right up there with the grants for studying the genital cleanliness of Africans as far as money being thrown down the drain.

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