Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wise words

From Bookworm Room.  She takes Allahpundit's criticism of the viral nature of the video of the kid in Australia, who, having enough of being bullied, finally just puts down the bully for once and for all.  Allahpundit apparently feels that people are being petty or are ignoring the bigger issues a la Obama and his NCAA picks by passing this video along.

Bookworm posits that the big kid finally at the end of his tolerance is much like the United States and feels that we are coming to that moment where we come to the end of our rope and that's why the video is so popular.  I think that maybe she's right in an underlying metaphor kind of way.  And I can see her metaphor and understand it.  You should read her words at the link above.  That said...

I think that maybe the reason for the video's popularity is a bit simpler:  most people I know were bullied in some way in grade school or high school and I think seeing a bully so completely and summarily squished like a bug brings a sense of visceral satisfaction.  I haven't seen form like that outside of a WWE ring.  I can sympathize with the kid who just stood and took it--my heart hurts for him and I cheered when he finally stepped up.

Allahpundit is right and there are many things, big things, that are going on in the world that should be capturing most of our attention.  But it's also the little victories that give us the heart to keep going in the face of tragedy and war.

So here it is:


North said...

Oddly, or not oddly, Of Mice And Men pops into my head.

Not directly related, just... there.

Midwest Chick said...

I can definitely see the similarities. Hopefully the ending will be better in this case. I read that the bully's mother NOW wants her kid to apologize after the video has gone all over the world.

North said...

I thank God that there are at least SOME parents that know to teach their kids right from wrong /before/ YouTube and the internet have to point out the obvious to the clueless.

strandediniowa said...

I had also been on the receiving end of taunts, punches and indignities through my school years and I can empathize with the bullied lad. It wasn't until I stood up and said no more with actions to defend myself did it end.

What struck me was the emphatic "No More" that he used. Not necessarily the body slam, but the fact that in his deeds he made it clear that the bullying was over.

And he walked away without trying to retaliate against the others who probably joined in the bullying through the years.

I wouldn't call it an analogy of geopolitical forces though. But what do I know, afterI watched this I thought to myself, "Way to go, kid."

Is that wrong?

Midwest Chick said...

North--at least we now have youtube and the internet to point out the obvious--things cannot be swept under the rug as they used to be.

Stranded--I said the same thing. If it's wrong, we both are. I thought the kid showed class and restraint. Ended the bullying and walked away. I think many of us could empathize with the kid, having endured the same bullying and that's what made it go viral.