Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TSA oversteps again.....

Via Old Grouch, it seems that the TSA overstepped itself when it decided to search Amtrak passengers in Savannah, Georgia.  It seems that the Head Amtrak Police Chief, John O'Connor was unaware that the TSA would be setting up shop and that the TSA have/had no right to do what they did and was absolutely livid when he found out (as a side note, he had to find out reading gizmodo--why didn't someone at the station notify him?).  Additionally, the TSA lied on its blog and said that they had Amtrak approval, which they clearly, from the response by Amtrak, did not.

Some important notes:  the TSA did not search passengers coming off of Amtrak trains and they did not funnel everyone into the station, as was originally reported.  However, they did take over the station and put notes up that said you'd be searched if you entered.

Apparently you do not have to go into the station itself to board the train--which again lends itself to the idea of security theater since not all boarding passengers were searched, only those stupid enough to walk past the signs and into the waiting gloved hands of the TSA.

The heat is slowly being turned up under the frogs--there are people out there that will willingly submit to this type of behavior and will call it good.  And that is frightening to me.

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