Friday, March 18, 2011

So... define ethical?!?

Via Chas Clifton at the Southern Rockies Nature Blog (who brings teh smart on these things): 

PETA-the People for the Extermination of Animals (a much more accurate acronym) filed its statistics regarding its 'treatment' of animals in Virginia.  They killed 97% of the cats (1507 of the 1553) that came through their doors and 87.9% of the dogs (693 out of 792) in calendar year 2010.  This has pretty much been the statistics annually for the past several years.  Note that these are animals taken by PETA for the 'purposes of adoption'. 

But you still have all of these stars stumping for PETA causes and 'going naked instead of wearing fur' and throwing red paint on people (when they, themselves, should be covered in the blood of their victims--over 25,000 animals killed in the last ten years by PETA).  Somehow they maintain this illusion that they are better and more compassionate when it comes to animal causes, except for the ones that they summarily put down as they come through their doors.  Why do certain causes seem to attract such blatant hypocrisy????

Chas notes that the national Humane Society is mainly a lobbying group so if you want to support a shelter, go local where it will do some good.


North said...

My wife, son, and I donate money, used towels, laundry soap, stamps - anything on the needs list to our local shelter. They have a 'yard sale' in the summer - we typically donate a couple storage tubs full of things to them. And the tubs.

They also have a phantom ball on new years eve. Buy a ticket, don't show up. :-)

Midwest Chick said...

I like the phantom ball idea!! Plus if you give them stuff, you know it's going to be used and you're doing a good thing! :-)