Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a niggling thought....

Today, the New York Times has an article on Natalie Portman and a few other actors, touting their academic achievements, their drive, and their strength of will to achieve both academically and in their chosen profession.  Portman joins Hedy Lamarr (a rocket scientist, literally), Wendy from The Wonder Years (Danica McKellar) who is a mathematician with a theorem named after her, and Blossom aka Amy Farrah Fowler nee Mayim Bialik, who actually has a PhD in neurobiology (as she says, she's a neurobiologist AND she plays one on TV) as actresses with academic credentials.  There is an interview with one of Portman's Harvard professors about her studies in the article too.  Some very cool information and stuff I didn't know about some very famous actresses.

So here's the niggling thought.  There are these actresses and they've excelled academically.  There are interviews with their teachers (at least one) in this article.  So why isn't there anything like this about the Poseur-in-Chief/Obama??  I know this has been asked before, but seriously, there has never been a peep out of anyone who has worked with him, schooled with him, taught him.  Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.  No one who has come forward and said "I knew him when..." or "When he was my student...".  We are told that he attended school, at least post-secondary, in the United States.  Presumably he had roommates, teachers, maybe even friends.  But there's nothing.  Odd.


Southern Belle said...

I've never thought about that, but you're right. I can't even think of any other President whose past has been so quiet.
Heck, even my grandmother had a "I remember when" about LBJ. He was her teacher in high school. How cool is that? Though LBJ was a crooked SOB, it's kind of cool to be 1 degree of separation from a former President.

Midwest Chick said...

LBJ definitely was a crooked SOB (my mom had to sign the back of her ballet when he was running for office or else they'd tear up her vote) but yeah, there are stories and people who 'knew him when' and so you've actually got some degrees of separation that exist. Obama is a total cypher.

George said...

I got myself involved in a flame war ... on another blog ... about Obama's supposed higher education. This revolved around his stint as a lecturer in Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. My "opponent" offered this as proof positive that Obama had a superior intellect and high academic standing. You know ... and I know ... that the requirements for an undergraduate course in ConLaw are such that both you and I could teach it.

You have made a telling point about the complete silence from his background. I know his marks and thesis are sealed ... unlike Big Mama's juvenile essay for her undergraduate degree.

It makes you wonder what's being hidden, doesn't it?


Midwest Chick said...

I've been around higher ed for long enough to know that being a lecturer, even at the University of Chicago, does not require higher intellect or even higher grades, only higher ego quotients and connections.

Another thing--don't you suppose there would be students jumping out of the woodwork saying that they had the now-President as an instructor?? But again, nothing.