Monday, March 21, 2011

If this goes bad, it's going to go very bad....

Heard an interesting tidbit on the news this morning.  The meme du jour is that it was the women foreign policy advisers that convinced Obama to go ahead in Libya including Clinton, Rice (Susan Rice the UN Ambassador), and two others on the National Security council. 

So it got me thinking in several different directions: 
1) are they Obama's 'human shield' should this thing go pear-shaped?;
2) do they have greater.. ahem.. intestinal fortitude than Dear Leader?;
3) if it does go horribly awry (as it might considering the Arab League's 180 turn on the no-fly zone from yes, please, to foot stomping anger), can they try to blame it on Sarah Palin who said something about a no-fly zone almost a month ago?

The lights you see, ladies, are the headlights of the bus coming through the tunnel.  You gotta know that Obama will kick you under it in a heartbeat with the willing help of the US media when this thing turns ugly.


North said...

"kick you under it in a heartbeat"


Midwest Chick said...

Looks like Andrew Sullivan (who used to be sane back in the day) is already prepping for option 1--by saying that Libya is a Clinton (Hilary)/John McCain (no idea how he's in the mix) concept.

North said...

You should be aware that it is American Newsertainment. It doesn't have a basis in reality or any responsibility in this universe.