Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fantastic Weekend

Sorry I haven't blogged, but had a very full weekend. On Saturday, I went with Himself, Og, and Parner to the Funshow/Gunshow. We had bacon (or BaKhaaannn) and biscuits so fluffy they would have floated off the table if not for the sausage gravy holding them down. When Og took his first bite of bacon, I honestly wasn't sure if he was having a seizure or an... ahem... petit morte brought on by porcine goodness.

In any case, we waddled over to the show where we looked at many marvelous things. I had admired the work of a knife-maker, Terry Miller, for two years but hadn't found the knife for me. This show I did--I grabbed the handle and it was like something out of Arthurian legend--the sun broke through the roof, a choir broke into song, and I finally found My Knife--and it was priced right. Yay!

Then today, Himself and I went to help Brigid pack her stuff for a journey to the new Range (the Range is a mobile concept, not tied down to a specific spot). We got to break in my New Ride on this trip and also got to help a friend so it was a win/win. There was bubblewrap, laughter, canoes (don't ask), and the wisdom of having someone else look through your cabinets (and dishwasher) for those few items that might have otherwise been left behind. The hard part was making Brigid stay off her foot (we both had to tell her multiple times to just sit and point and we'll do the packing).

After a good day, I'm now sitting on the couch enjoying the dessert that Brigid bought for me at the pub.  It has creme brulee, flourless chocolate cake, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.   The perfect end to a great weekend.


Brigid said...

Yes, but after the first "sit and point" no one gave me a biscuit.

The new ride is awesome, I missed Og but hearing the bacon story in retrospect was almost as good.

Enjoy your Galway Hooker. . .

D.W. said...

I'm still looking for my Excalibur. I've managed to gather quite a collection of decent-but-not-absolutely-perfect knives...

Glad to hear that the move went well.

Speaking of funshows, is anybody up that way planning to come down for the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot?

Midwest Chick said...

Brigid-- We didn't have biscuits but I did bring the chocolate covered almonds.... I have to admit, the Galway Hooker (for those not there, the Galway Hooker is the dessert mentioned above) was for me, the same as the bacon was for Og. Again, it was great seeing you!!

D.W.--same here. This one was just perfect though. I have to be able to pick up a knife and such to make a decision to buy. I too have a drawer full of 'almost' knives. I don't think Himself or I will be down for Knob Creek but Tam might be attending.