Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour analysis

Gee, I wish I got paid the big bucks that some of these morons do.  Mark Sanner, a marketing guy for non-profits, did an analysis as to the waning popularity of 'Earth Hour' and blamed it on it 'losing its novelty' (via Big Government--which, by the way, is apparently blocked by the state of Illinois).

Geez louise dude, put down the kool-aid and pick up a frickin' newspaper.  The reason that people have lost interest in 'Earth Hour' is because more and more people realize that its a useless, feel-good piece of propaganda fluff championing a cause that doesn't exist.  Climate change, despite Algore's best efforts is a dead issue--the hiding and distortion of data, the hysteria, and the hypocrisy of those shouting at the wind has been brought out into the open.  People don't like being made to look like suckers and the climate change brouhaha did just that.  The incandescent bulb lit above a bunch of folks' heads as they realized how they'd been had.

People's lights in the UK are going out involuntarily in the midst of winter thanks to the vagaries of wind power--they don't need a special hour to turn them off. 

That's why there is waning interest in 'Earth Hour', not a breakdown in marketing or a need for reinvention.

I'll not be holding my breath for the check for my analysis of the situation (for which I guarantee I did more research than Mr. Sanner).


Brigid said...

I didn't celebrate, just drank some more bottled water and beat up a seal.

FrankC said...

"Non" earth hour celebrates Man's (non sexist here) progress in overcoming mother nature's indifference to the human race.

Midwest Chick said...

Kind of like having a steak celebrates the ascension to the top of the food chain.... :-)