Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They bravely ran away....

It seems that taking it on the lam is en vogue with Democrat legislators who are determined to usurp the Democratic process.  Taking a cue from the clueless Fleebagging Dems from Wisconsin, the Democrat portion of the Indiana House of Representatives (and I use the term Representative loosely) has gone on the run to avoid actually, you know, doing their jobs and taking a stand.  Sure, they're not going to win, but to just not show up is the height of cowardice and hubris.  Fortunately our State Rep is a Republican otherwise I'd already be burning up the lines calling offices to tell them to get back to work and earn that $155 per diem that they are going to receive anyway.

ETA:  Looks like a bunch of the Indiana Dems are also heading to Illinois.  I know that Chicago is a sanctuary city, but c'mon folks, grow a pair.


ViolentIndifference said...

You can do anything when there are no consequences for your actions.

So they run away and don't have to worry until the next popularity contest -slash- election. They only have to dig up dirt against their opponent to re-win.

Run them out of town on a rail, if they want to leave so bad. Discourage the other rats.

Midwest Chick said...

I hope the voters in Wisconsin follow through with the recalls of their wayward legislators (who have apparently lost their direct deposit privileges (ht middle of the right)and will have to show up in person, on the floor of the senate, to pick them up. It would be nice if their respective constituencies were waiting for them with tar and feathers.

I haven't seen much blowback in Indiana yet but am waiting.