Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Follies

Himself called it even before Christina Aguilera opened her mouth.  He said "She's gonna mess it up." And he was right.  Something that I think these divas are missing is that certain songs are sung for the greater glory, not for the glory of seeing if you can yodel out every half- and quarter-note that comes between A and D.  The National Anthem should be treated with a reverence--not as yet another song to be covered and 'made my own' by yet another bubblegum-pop-star-tart.  And the piece as a whole should be sung as written--words and tune together.

Contrasting with Aguilera's yodeling and complete punting of the words of The National Anthem, Lea Michele Belts' singing of America the Beautiful was especially nice.  She didn't yodel, didn't go off the reservation, she just went out and sang the song. 

Granted the Anthem is a much more difficult piece but not to the point where things that once gleamed, should get reamed as in Aguilera's version.
On a completely different subject, during Michael Douglas' little piece about America, am I the only one who was more than slightly insulted at the sight of Bono draped in an American flag?


ViolentIndifference said...

F Bono. F Bono in the ear with a flagpole. Then club him to death with a clown.

You might, if you are sensitive to such things, pick up on the fact that Bono is not someone I care for much.

Midwest Chick said...

VI: I'd hate to hurt the clown, but agree with the sentiment.