Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoo hoo! Gun show and blogmeet!!

I have been remiss about reporting on last Sunday's gun show and blogmeet.   When I keep waking up with visions of demented oompa loompas in my head, it makes it difficult to write.  Sunday morning we (Himself/Mr. B and I) met the mighty and indomitable Og and the Atomic Fungus to make our way to Indianapolis for the Indy 1500.  Aside from some ammo for my Sig, I was just wanting to look at sharp pointy objects to see if anything caught my fancy.

Car trips with the mighty Og are both surreal and illuminating, with conversations ranging between the absurd (see the above, although oompa loompas were not mentioned until later) to the sublime (best described as advanced engineering conversations between Og and Himself).  When we got to the show, it was crowded but you could still walk through the aisles.  Several vendors told us that the previous day, although it was very crowded, business was not as good as it could have been because no one could stand in the aisle long enough to do business--they got nudged away by the moving entity that the crowd had become.

Himself was a bit disappointed when an item that he had ordered and had been waiting to collect at the show was sold by accident and the person didn't bother to let us know (and I also ended up with only one box of ammo instead of two).  But aside from that unhappy episode, it's always fun, albeit overwhelming, to try to get through everything.  We got done early enough that we were able to collect Og and A.F. from their musings about women in sprayed on pants buying corndogs to go see Brigid at an Undisclosed Location since she's still under the weather and wasn't going to make the Blogmeet.

Since Brigid is in recuperation mode, we brought gifts:  cookies and books from Himself and me and models with paint and brushes from Og.  We went for lunch and pie at a nearby restaurant where my earlier luck (only one box instead of two) seemed to be holding (or else the little man behind the counter just felt the need to mess with me).  I first order the quiche lorraine (I'm sorry, we're out of the quiche lorraine, would you like the spinach and mushroom?)  Yes, I'd like the spinach and mushroom quiche (I'm sorry, we're out of the spinach and mushroom quiche.)  How about the french dip, I ask.  (Yes, we have the french dip.  Would you like pretzels, chips, potato salad, or fruit with that?)  I'd like the pretzels, please.  (We're out of pretzels.)  At this point, Himself looks at the guy and says "Why don't you tell us what you DO have so we can just pick?"  But my adventures in ordering really just added to the general hilarity of the lunch and I think we all proved that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

After a lovely and too-short time with Brigid, it was off to the Brewpub for the Blogmeet where there was much good conversation and I'm firmly convinced that, had Brigid also been sitting at the table, 99.9% of the world's knowledge would be accessible, or if not right there, someone would know how to find it.  Got to meet some new folks like The Jack (don't have links for everyone because I'm a dork and don't write stuff down but will add them as I find them--email me or comment me if you see this y'all) and got to talk with the regular folks for a bit (Tam, Roberta, JoAnna).  ETA:  D.W. from Connect the Dots, who drove a ways to get there....

All in all, a LOVELY day with good laughter and good people.

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D.W. said...

It was a good time, indeed. It was very nice to get a chance to meet everyone!