Monday, January 31, 2011

Okay, found some content....

In my workplace today we've been getting email after email regarding the upcoming Blizzard-from-Hell/Snowmagedon event that is expected tomorrow and into Wednesday.  However, they are passing along weather advisories from the...  get this... Indiana Department of Homeland Security. 

So I'm confused.

Either there has been some serious mission creep or else terrorists have some serious weather machines on their side and have changed the course of the jet stream and have seeded the clouds to make the conditions right for a severe weather event.  Truly, I just don't get it.  Isn't that what we have the National Weather Service and stuff for?  And if they're not doing their jobs, can we cut them out of the federal budget?

Maybe the DHS now thinks they are the Superfriends??


FrankC said...

Perhaps your National Weather Service has taken the Glowbulb Womanising to heart and won't face the cold facts? And maybe DHS is more of a realist? Cynical, Moi?

Midwest Chick said...

I can't see the DHS being more realist. More reactionary maybe, judging from the TSA.