Friday, January 7, 2011

It's official... any sympathy I might have had is gone....

In Illinois, former Gov. Jim Thompson, the lawyer of former Gov. George Ryan has been lobbying to get Ryan a furlough so he can go see his dying wife.  Now I'm sorry that Ryan's wife is dying but he did the crime, has to do the time.  There are plenty of other prisoners who go through the same thing--it's part of the price. 

But now we find out that Ryan HAS seen his wife--he was escorted by US Prison officials to her bedside on Wednesday to say his goodbyes. The fact that this didn't come out until prosecutors released this information is a frickin' joke. 

He got his time to say his goodbyes which is more than a lot of folks get.  Anything more would be special treatment and inequality under the law (and I'm not so sure that his escort by the US Prison system wasn't a special treatment either since it's at the discretion of the warden).  Again, I'm sorry she's dying, but that's not an excuse to furlough him for what could be weeks.

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