Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is anyone surprised taht Sheriff Dupnik is ducking and covering....

Enforcing laws does not seem to be Sheriff Dupnik's modus operandi so is it any wonder that he made of mess of handling Jared Loughner?  He refused(s) to enforce the new Arizona immigration law.  He was quoted here as saying:

"This law, it's just irresponsible," he said. "It makes them [legislators] look like racists."

Dupnik's office had several contacts with Jared Loughner and seemed to try to sweep everything under the rug, despite the fact that he was removed from the Pima Community College campus FIVE times and was refused re-entrance into the college until he had proof that he'd received professional help.  It has not been proven, but there are accusations that personnel in Dupnik's office talked people out of pressing charges on Loughner for death threats.

Now his office's spokesperson is ducking and covering with:

"the details of the calls were being reviewed by legal counsel and would be released as soon as the review was complete. He said he did not know what the calls were about — they could possibly have been minor, even trivial matters — or whether they involved Jared Loughner or another member of the household"

I think that anything that comes out of that office should be taken with a pound of salt.

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