Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dentist appointment

Had a dentist appointment yesterday.  Usually these are no-brainers because I've been blessed with bones and teeth of pure adamantium but since I hadn't been for three years, I was expecting something like:

or this:

Well, maybe not the second one since Himself assured me that the guy was really nice.  It turned out to be relatively painless and I had no cavities or other issues.  I let them do both types of x-rays since it's probably been a decade since I'd had any.  Love the new instant panoramic view--by the time we got back to the chair, my big ol' skull was prominently displayed on the screen.

Got a cleaning (which just feels great the next day) and a look-over and out the door with my bag o' dentist goodies.  No lectures about flossing or anything.  Life is good.

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