Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone call that man a whaaabulance, he's taking his toys and is going home

Okay, so I've watched the video of Obama putting Bill Clinton in charge of a press conference and every time (after my mind stops going 'whooba whooba') my train of thought takes off for a different destination.   They do start going downhill....  You have been warned.....

First track:  'Seriously, did he just cede the power of the Presidency back to Clinton?  Doesn't he know that being elected President of the United States, the place where the buck is supposed to stop, doesn't include tag-backs?'

Second track: 'So now that even his own party is slamming him, he's lost any semblance of interest in the job and is going to hide in the Oval Office for the next two years alternating between sucking his thumb and plotting revenge on those who would dare question The One.'

Third track:  'Okay, so he President of the United States, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, used an excuse that might work if he was at a party and needed to duck out, but really, saying that a dinner date with the wife is more important than running the country is bad.  Guess we already knew he was a beta male after all of that bowing.....  '

Fourth track:  'Wow, Michelle really has him under her thumb, to speak somewhat delicately.  Maybe that black widow costume on election night was really a taste of things to come and she really will bite his head off after sex next time.'

Fifth track:  'Michelle's hoo-ha must be made of gold and lined with silk and velvet and she HAS to be able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose.'

And it really goes downhill from there to the point where I would blush writing it.

See it for yourself at this link!

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