Friday, December 24, 2010

Okay, so the TSA is reactionary again.....

Just saw a guy on WGN (some kind of terrorism expert or official, I dunno).  After explaining what not to take to the airport NOW  (insulated water bottles and cups) due to rumblings by terrorists, he finishes up with the factoid that people are just factoring the possibility of terrorism into their lives, which is, in his opinion, the best thing a person can do.  Why?  Because if you allow the threat to change what you're doing, the terrorists have won.  SO....  why does the TSA go all froggy when there's a vague threat that says jump?

And the sheeple they show on TV are perfectly happy to bah-bah along in the ginormous lines.  They are talking 1-2 HOURS just to get through the security lines.  Oh, and kids' Sippy cups are also suspect (in addition to empty water bottles and cups) and will be inspected in order to make sure that as many kids as possible throw fits in the line to add to the chaos.

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