Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Twilight madness...

Okay, so I'm sitting in the drive thru at Micky D's this morning and the car in front of me, which was driven by a woman about my age (let's say above the 40 year old demographic and leave it at that), had some odd cursive-type writing on the rear window. 

It said "Look after my heart.  I left it with you." and on the other side of the window it said "Twilight". 

I honestly couldn't figure out whether to laugh, to be sad, or to ram her because such stupidity should not survive in our society.

Look, I am an avid (voracious actually) reader and I think I was ahead of the curve on this vampire stuff, but at least I was reading Saberhagen and Yarbro and Hamilton (before she went through her crisis that turned her books from interesting and fun reads into stuff I'm embarrassed to read in public).  I was reading Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books years before they got their own HBO slot.  An acquaintance of mine writes, for a living, paranormal romance starring vampires and I buy her books to notch up her New York Times numbers.  So it's not like I haven't been there/read that.

But I absolutely cannot stomach this Twilight stuff.  And the fact that women my age are going ga-ga for barely post-adolescent schlock romance starring glittery metro-sexual teens is beyond pathetic and is frankly very creepy (I imagine a cadre of Mrs. Robinsons out there lusting after 16 year old boys).  Additionally, the paranormal romance genre has crept like a fungus out of the romance section and has almost overwhelmed my beloved sci-fi/fantasy section at the bookstore.  I am hard pressed to find a book that does not have a frickin' vampire lurking SOMEWHERE in the plot.

So I'm posting this youtube video again (I think I saw it at The Breda Fallacy long ago).  It's how things should be in the genre.

And Buffy staked Edward.  The End.   Now can I have some elves back in my books?


Anonymous said...

You are so right...I read them with my 13 yr old daughter but they certainly are not worthy of the craze they are getting in older women. My daughter even said that although she enjoyed them they weren't the best literature she's read.

Midwest Chick said...

The other point is that if it were 40+ year old men doing the same towards teenage girls, there would be a rash of arrests. Can't stand a double-standard.