Thursday, December 30, 2010

More green initiative FAIL

So the government-mandated boilers in England are freezing up, leaving thousands of people without heat (and a hefty bill to get them fixed) and  Scotland, the Wind Turbine poster child of Europe, is having to buy power created by nuclear reactors in France because their turbines froze up (oh the irony).  story here via GatewayPundit

This puts me in mind of a bunch of folks sitting around, smoking dope, and solving the world's problems.  Sure, it sounds great and for some reason, these dope-heads have gotten into positions to implement their childish fantasies and we're now seeing the results.  The main problem is that they are not relying on good engineering, they are not asking the right people about these things (like asking plumbers about the reliability of the boilers) before they mandate their use.

If they are doing anything, they are reversing the course of green energy by rushing into mandates (incandescent bulb vs. CFL bulbs) without having any idea of the long-term consequences.   These are only a few examples (there are going to be more) about why government needs to stay out of my heating system and my lampshade and let market forces do their work.  If boilers are good, people will use them without government subsidies.  If people want to save money, they will do the math FOR THEMSELVES and get CFL bulbs (or not--maybe they feel that the environmental consequences of CFL use are too much).  But when governments become the advocates for the use of certain products over others, then we can clearly see what happens:  people freezing in the dark with no power.

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