Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glad someone else noticed this....

Obama's fall-back line when talking to supporters seems to be "if X does/does not happen, then his legacy/Presidency will end."  His latest is for the tax bill (I refuse to say tax cut since it's a not-raising taxes bill).  Last time it was for healthcare where he was whining to various caucuses about the end of all things Obama (like that would be a bad thing).  Jordan Fabian at The Hill has it here.

So what does that say about Obama?  He's a one-line wonder with a pedantic tone who says that the sky is falling only when it might affect him personally.

I dreamed last night that I lectured him and Michelle about equality under the law, our progressive tax system (inherently unfair) and used an analogy for taxes, explaining that this is my pie and he can't have it.  (I must have had pie on the brain after dinner last night).  Maybe I was just dreaming that I was Michelle Bachman, who states that the Senate tax bill passed on Wednesday is unconstitutional since all tax/revenue must start the House of Representatives.

We'll see what shakes out....

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