Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing how green initiatives and technologies fail....

An interesting thing has happened in Great Britain with the onset on the cold winter weather and snow.  Ironically enough, in an initiative to cut down on carbon footprints and greenhouse gases and such, the British government mandated the use of green condensing boilers as of 2005.  Well, the condensate pipes on these pieces of green technology freeze and shut down the boiler (and the heat).   A plumber's visit is between 200-300 pounds (on a bank holiday), not including the Value Added Tax for such services.  So the plumbers are busy, but people are freezing their bippies off in the meantime (story here via Gateway Pundit).  Things like this are what happens when politicos jump on a particular bandwagon without thinking through the consequences.  In this case, it could cost people their lives when their state-mandated boilers fail.   This should be taken as a perfect example of government mandates and how they lead to trouble.

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