Monday, November 29, 2010

Power grabs on a whole bunch of fronts

The federal government is really going for the gold in this 'lame duck' session.  While Americans are being (rightly) distracted by the TSA's invasive and counter-to-4th Amendment searches, other branches of the already huge bureaucracy are gobbling up more of our freedoms and are poised to do more.

The Department of Energy, claiming a 'mandate' to force a market transformation on household appliances through issuing higher standards on the efficiency of those appliances.  They already started in April and are really planning on transforming the use of appliances by the American public.  They are also hard at work on Smart Grid technology were all things that get plugged in will have a chip and will then be 'approved' for use (or not) by the Smart Grid  (why am I translating that as Skynet ala Terminator?).

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security is seizing website domains (those that enable the download of copyrighted music and those that sell designer knockoffs) without any suit being filed or other preliminary court action.

Also, the FCC is set to take over the Internet without any authority whatsoever and despite the fact that the DC circuit court has already ruled that the FCC has no authority in this-- all of this under the supposed aegis of Net Neutrality.  The only reason they are trying it now is because the Republicans have not yet taken over the House.

A final grab is housed in S 510, proposed by Sen. Durbin and will take over and potentially choke out small farm agriculture and hobby farms while putting unfunded mandates on the FDA, the CDC, and the EPA (whose costs will be passed along in the forms of fees to the rest of the farmers who they will be screwing with all of this).  This will add another level of bureaucracy to an already overloaded system and will ensure that absolutely nothing gets done except for 225 new pages of regulations that, like fungus, will expand exponentially over time.

January cannot come soon enough.  As long as the Republicans remember that they are there conditionally--if they fall into the old habits of creating more government or don't follow the mandates of the American public, they will follow their Democratic brethren right into the unemployment line.  It doesn't matter who they are.

ETA:  Can't forget about the Dream Act, dreamed up by our own Dick Lugar (link on 'who they are' above).  Not a power grab, but the beginning of amnesty for illegals.  I don't mind it for those who served in our armed forces but don't think that citizenship should be granted just for going to college for two years--not even graduating, mind you (and probably having it being paid for by taxpayers).  It died once when the Senate still had its Supermajority, but hopefully now with Mark Kirk in place, it'll die again for the last time.  Thanks to GrumpyUnk for reminding me.


Toaster 802 said...

Quoted and linked at

A great compilation of what the frauds are feeding frenzied on before January. Thanks for the heads up, and I passed it on!

Midwest Chick said...

The many headed Hydra is working overtime trying to get this stuff passed.

Grumpyunk said...

I think you may have overlooked the Dream Act. Aren't they voting in committee this week to send it to the floor ?

Midwest Chick said...

Yes they are--thanks!