Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Election-Day post

As I'm reading through all of the blogs, news, etc. as well as listening to the sheeple with whom I work, a couple of thoughts come to mind.  Voting is a right and a responsibility, not something that comes in a TV dinner to your couch. 

If you can't get off your lard and get to a polling place, then I'm thinking that you're probably one of those who is just a taker anyway (unless you're really old or in the hospital or something, in which case there are reasons) and I'd be just as glad if you don't vote. 

If you don't look at each candidate, their record (if they have one), their stance on issues (not just one issue, but a total package), and look for the ones who best match your personal philosophy, then you are just as bad as those folks waiting for their turkey pot pies to be set in front of them. 

Sometimes your vote will come down to 'this one is a lesser evil' and that's okay.   Because you can subsequently put the lesser evil on notice that the only reason you voted for them is because they weren't as bad as the other guy and if they want your vote again, they need to prove why they are BETTER than the other guy. 

The problem is that Americans fell into the trap of 'better the devil you know than the one you don't'--fear of change (real change) and the unknown.

Well, now we've seen real change, from a free society to a socialist one and we don't like it.  It's time to pare down, cut back, and take back what is ours, not continue to fill the trough at which the federal government (and state government, and local governments) feed.

I commented to my sister this morning on the property tax cap that is proposed here in Indiana.  The way I explained it is that if we cap how much they can take, then they are going to HAVE to start spending smarter and making good choices instead of picking our pockets every time they want a new PA system for the soccer field. 

If we don't control how much they can take, they will want to take it all (like the proposal in England where all paychecks are sent to the government and then they dole it back to the people).

So my votes are going to the folks who have not been part of the problem.  It's time to zero-out what's been done and start over.

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