Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maybe they have it backwards....

The House republicans coming in are thinking about putting a moratorium on all of those commemorative bills that fill up the legislative calendar and keep our legislators from actually doing stuff like reading the healthcare bill, reducing government interference in the lives of the American public (like reining in the TSA), or you know, making those Bush-era tax cuts permanent until they can actually cut the tax code to a pamphlet. 

Now this moratorium is a great idea (and I hope they follow through), but here's one that might be better.  Have Congress ONLY pass commemorative bills, except for a greatly expurgated budget that only deals with roads and the military, and get the hell out of our lives as much as possible.  That way they can give pretty speeches and make everyone feel good and can't do anymore harm to free enterprise and businesses in the US.

Himself says that a Heinlein model might be better.  A simple majority makes a bill go away but it takes at least a 2/3 majority to pass it  (see The Moon is a Harsh Mistress for details).

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