Monday, November 8, 2010

And to Obama and his ilk, we're still just dumb....

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Obama (again) blames the drubbing that the Democratic party took last week, on the fact that he was so busy ramming stuff down the throats of the American people using shady and illegal means that he forgot that he needed to use small words and make 'an argument that people can understand'.  (ht: Paul Rahe at Big Government).

Seriously, this is all he can come up with?  That we're not capable of understanding his genius and his vision and he just wants what's good for us and that we're responding like recalcitrant children by refusing to take our medicine (I mean our Health Insurance Reform)?!?

Same meme, different day for Obama.  The American people are speaking, loud and clear, but he refuses to acknowledge reality or do what a good leader will do-suck it up and take the blame.  Maybe even change course to match the will of the people.  That's the problem when you've got an academic with no real world experience trying to operate in the real world.  There's going to be a disconnect and it's painfully obvious that he just can't catch the clue bus, even when it's stopping on Capital Hill.

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